Current Research - Technological Advances

In order to keep up with contant improvements in technology with applications towards helping reduce injuries, Helios Global Technologies is working with various partners to be able to eventually bring in these incredible advances into their product line.

Concussion Reduction Materials

Helios is currently working with Rheon Labs Ltd. of London, United Kingdom, in the development and sale of concussion-reduction materials which have many uses.

At the core of the RHEON technology platform is a material called RHEON, which is soft and malleable in its natural state, but hardens immediately and temporarily upon impact. Its unique chemistry makes it waterproof, cooling, lightweight and durable. The material was initially developed in the laboratories of Imperial College at the University of London, and will be used in hockey helmets and other equipment to eliminate or reduce the severity of concussions and injuries. It can be moved from the sports field to the battlefield for blast matting in vehicles and soldier safety. Dr. Dan Plant, developer of the material, said "we strongly believe that RHEON LABS and the RHEON ingredient technology will represent the future in energy control across the full spectrum of sports apparel and sports equipment - from enhancing the support in athletics clothing to impact protection in motorcycle crash helmets, and everything in between."

Liquid Armour Technology

Helios recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with BAE Systems to pursue the development of BAE’s Liquid Armour technology. Liquid Armour comprises a liquid that has been likened to custard, and when combined with Kevlar, for example, absorbs bullet and other impacts and disperses the impact over a wider area.

Helios intends to work with laboratories at Canadian universities in the ongoing development of this material.