Helios Global Technologies is a Kelowna-based designer, manufacturer and distributor of technologies relating to:

  • hazardous worker safety;
  • advanced materials for ballistic, blast and impact protection.

We specialize in the convergence of discrete technologies to enhance survivability and injury prevention whether in the workplace, the sports arena or the battlefield.

We have established our Helios Worker Safety division to focus on workplace injury prevention, and we are pleased to offer our E-Stop 1000 and E-Stop 2000, both of which were created to enhance worker safety in a wide variety of industries and usage, such as railway workshops, scrap metal dealers, construction companies, aggregate companies, and more.

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For technical support, please email support@heliosworkersafety.com.

E-Stop 1000 & 2000

Our Wireless E-Stop® offers state-of-the-art emergency stop technology. In collaboration with our partners RMD Engineering Inc., we have designed our Wireless E-STOP to help prevent injury in the workplace.

Sample Scenario: a worker is about to be crushed by machinery he is currently working on. Because he is wearing a wireless emergency stop device such as the Helios E-Stop 1000 or the E-Stop 2000, he is able to immediately hit the emergency button, which works instantly and will stop the machine.
Sample Scenario 2: a worker in the vicinity of his co-worker sees him get stuck in the machine, and she immediately hits the button on the wireless device she is wearing - again the machine will stop instantly, thus preventing injury to the first worker.

Up to 5 people can wear the small wireless Helios E-Stop transmitters which will stop the one individual machine.

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